When is It Right to Start Preparation for CSE?
When should one start preparation for the Civil Services Examination? This is the most commonly asked question by the IAS aspirants.

Well according to the UPSC board a candidate needs to complete 21 years of minimum age to take the civil services examination.

Yet young aspirants have doubt about right age to commence preparation. As a matter of fact there isn't any ideal age for this. But since the board gives age criterion serious aspirants can begin gathering background information about the examination details and such during their under graduation time and by the time they graduate from the University their priorities are cut and they have a solid idea if they'd want to take up the CSE. It otherwise totally depends on individuals. There are success stories starting in the early 20s and even in 30s.

With the Indian Administrative Services gaining quite a lot of attention from youth, it should be noted that super serious ones begin their preparation right from their schooling. And many start seriously contemplate about taking IAS during their bachelor’s.

Each individual’s thought process is different as also their respective strategy of preparation for the examination.

However, if you have dreams of taking the IAS since childhood it is good to begin preparation after tenth grade. That is a actually a smart way to go because the aspirant can take choice of mains subject in eleventh grade itself. Further, UPSC keeps changing the pattern of the examination and someone who starts early has the advantage of understanding these patterns really quickly. That being said, with novice experience an aspirant who gives exam at ages early like 21 and 22 may not attain the competence levels and hence may not be able to clear the exam in their first attempt. Also because of lack of maturity to handle failures at that tender age, he or she may sulk and/or go into depression.

But an aspirant can start preparation as early as 18 and then get into serious mode by the age of 22 and very serious mode at 24. In fact, taking a subject of interest in Bachelors would be a good step too. With six years prep time and serious studying even if the first attempt is given at 24 or 25 the likelihood of selection will be very high.

Remember that right choice at the right age brings right results. Since the syllabus for UPSC examination syllabus is vast a decision of taking up the exam at the age of 18 will give ample time for study. Further exam after bachelor’s gives time advantage. Since subjects studied in bachelor’s are fresh the time can be invested in studying the current affairs and optional subjects

Additionally there are examples of some serious aspirants who after completing bachelor’s go for masters in the subject of their optional. How’s that? Smart, isn’t it? Such people are more often than not rank holders.

With all that being said average age of IAS qualifiers or age of aspirants who crack the IAS examination is 26.9 years. So early is the merry!!

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