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We all are living in a digital world where almost everything is digitalized and online whether it is shopping, marketing, advertising, study, relationship, etc. We have reached Mars because of the development of technology. Recently this pandemic Covid-19 has changed everything including our lifestyle and habits. This pandemic pushed us for change. Online education is one of them and here we will discuss online education in India.

India is the second-largest in population and the seventh-largest country in area around the world. It has its deep roots in history, culture, and traditions. With a population of more than 1.3 billion people, it has different religions, different casts, different languages, and different lifestyles. India is one of the fastest developing countries and for the past 10 years, this country shows a tremendous growth rate and this is because of the digital revolution. Smartphones, laptops, desktops, tab, etc. have transformed everyone and it is surprising to know that the number of smartphone users in India estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021. We can say that India has the most number of technologically driven persons.

The trend of online education and study is also moving upward. In this pandemic, a three-year baby learned to operate mobile or desktop or laptop and learning online which is a big revolution. The number of online education courses is increasing every day and the number of students is also increasing. Now almost every student prefers online learning. By seeing the potential and immense popularity of digital technology in India, the Indian government also offering lot of courses through the Digital India initiative. The initiative comprises various projects in various areas relating to health, education, labor, employment, etc. As a part of the Digital India project, many colleges and universities offer online correspondence courses. As per the recent research report, the market for online education in India of paid users is expected to grow from 1.6 million to 9.6 million by 2021.

Here are some interesting facts about online education in India.

In 2016, the online education market in India was worth $247 million and it is expected about $1.96 billion by 2021 with a growth rate of 52%.

In 2016, the number of enrolled students in various courses was 1.6 million and it is expected to reach about 9.6 million in 2021.

The online education system is very cost-effective as it is lesser up to 55% in comparison to the traditional system.

The government of India is also taking initiative to encourage online education. The YUKTI portal, SWAYAM Prabha, eBasta, and e-VIDYA are some of the online platforms initiated by the government to strengthen the infrastructure.

UG and PG level online courses are much more affordable than the traditional system. Students can save on tuition cost, accommodation cost, and travel expenses. Many credential courses are available free of cost in many portals.

A survey report says that over 70 percent of students turned to online education to learn a new skill or expanding their employment opportunities.

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