If IAS Is The World’s Toughest Exam, Can You Still Crack It?
Clearing Civil Services Examination and getting into IAS is considered as one of the world’s toughest exams. In India it is the indeed the toughest exam that recruits officers into services including IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS. IITJEE is only second to CSE. So why is it regarded as a tough nut to crack?

Mind-blowing competition: With India being the second most populous country there are a whopping number of 11 to 12 lakh aspirants applying for the CSE when there are only 1000 vacancies in the UPSC. Hence the intake into UPSC become just a meanly 0.1%. This number itself tells how tough of an exam it is to crack.

Age restriction and fewer attempts: UPSC has a prescribed restriction for age as well as number of attempts a candidate gives. A general candidate is given 5 attempts and 32 years of upper age limit. There are many cases of people getting the idea of taking CSE at the age of 30 and this cuts down on the attempts and hurts the success chances of the candidate.

Unpredictable: Each year candidates see a huge change in the exam. Many aspirants struggle to predict the pattern, which eventually lead them to lackluster preparation. The exam is also getting more challenging by year making it a nightmare for aspirants.

Humongous Syllabus: The syllabus for UPSC is vaster than anyone can imagine. It encompasses all subjects and from A to Z like covering everything under the sun. From History to Geography to Polity to Economics to Science and Environment to Atmospheric science to Robotics, there are so many subject areas an aspirant needs to study to appear for the exam. Aspirants should study to acquire depth of knowledge in these. Many aspirants who prepare sans planning fail to cover the entire syllabus or leave out the subjects that are newer and/or difficult to grasp and this hampers their chance of getting selected.

Know-how: Sometimes candidates find it hard to get convincing answers to how/what/when/why during their preparation. It could be because they do not know the right strategy or have right study material.

Lengthy exam dilutes interest: With the exam pattern being the lengthiest involving three stages such as Prelims, Mains and the Personality Test about a year is taken for the entire selection procedure. Even if an aspirant qualifies in Prelims and fails in Mains he or she has to take the exam again right from stage one. This dilutes interest of some. There are people who quit their jobs for CSE. Such people lose confidence after failing to crack the exam in first attempt.

Does it mean all hope is lost? Actually no! There are people who put in three P’s namely planning, perseverance and patience and cracked the CSE with ease albeit some help for preparation. So can you too! Good luck!

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